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Tracey Paige Memorial Scholarship

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Tracey Paige Memorial Scholarship

The Tracey Paige Memorial Scholarship Fund was established in 2010 after the sudden passing of our colleague, Tracey Paige. Miss Paige was a kindergarten teacher who exemplified generosity, cooperation, and educational excellence with her students. She also made sure that her students were always taken care of and was extremely nurturing. If a student needed new shoes, school supplies, or even snacks she would quietly supply them with what they needed.

Upon Tracey’s passing, a group of her colleagues determined the best way to honor her was to give a hand up to former Mary Walter Elementary Students. We established the scholarship fund to honor her commitment to ensuring the success of future generations by setting a positive and caring example. The Scholarship Fund gives at least one and sometimes two scholarships to a Liberty High School Senior who attended Mary Walter Elementary for at least 3 years and has been accepted into a college or trade school.

As of the 2023- 2024 school year, we have awarded over $25,000 to over 25 students. The committee raises money by hosting different activities throughout the year and selling MWES Christmas Ornaments. And of course, if you share in Miss Paige’s mission to raise successful students, we happily accept donations. All proceeds raised goes to the Scholarship Fund.

List of Scholarship Recipients:

Tanner Russo

Brianne Croushorn

Abigail Cottrell

Amanda Dwyer

Charles Walker

Scott Sheppard

James Outland

Hailey Rogers

Mackenzie Earl

Anna Sunderlin

Cristina Montemorano

Emmylou Kidder

Luke Stribling

Kinsey Kidder

Hannah Perkins

Jenica Garnett

Genevieve Hebert

Jacob McCoy

Jazmyn Reynolds

Lise Eanes

Katelynn Lewis

Thanuat Kraiwan